Borates, Case Hardening & Dry Lubricant Products

Rose Mill Materials Processing not only has boric acid powder for sale, but we also have boric oxide, borax 5 mol granular, borax 5 mol powder, anhydrous borax, tungsten disulfide, and molybdenum disulfide. We always keep our most popular items on hand and ready to go, so you don’t have to wait for your chemical delivery including our popular borates, case hardening and dry lubricant products. Rose Mill is the largest independent producer of boric acid powder and borax powder in North America. That means we can handle bulk orders for borates, case hardening and dry lubricant products, package your own proprietary chemical mix, and ship it anywhere in the world. Browse our boric acid powder for sale and all our other high-quality products and make an order today. If you are looking for custom chemical solutions, call us for a consultation.