Boric Acid Powder

Boric Acid Powder, Granular, Borax, Elemental Boron Powder

We are the largest independent producer of boric acid powder and borax powder in North America

Boric acid powder and Borax powder are processed daily, ensuring a fresh, free-flowing product with a longer shelf-life to maximize your manufacturing output. Zinc Borates, anhydrous borax, elemental boron powder, bulk boric acid powder and specialty grades processed on a just-in-time basis.










elemental boron powder

What is Boron?

Boron is the key element in refined borate minerals, and is necessary in all aspects of life. It is an essential micro-nutrient for plants and crops. Borates are both safe and versatile which is why they are increasingly used as a safer alternative in consumer and industrial products. Safely used for centuries, boric acid and borax can be found in: pharmaceutical products, high-temperature glass, fiberglass, cleaning products, paints, cleaners, lubricants, ceramics, flame retardants, metallurgical applications, eye treatments, cotton and cellulose products, and many other products. Elemental boron is increasingly used in emerging technologies, such as EV batteries, superconductors, military applications and advanced metals and magnets.

Rose Mill stocks boric acid powder, borate powders, and borax in various grades for sale to large end-users, exporters, and distributors. Pallets of 50 lb. bags, 1 ton bulk sacks, and fiber drums are available from stock for most products. Elemental boron powders are available in a range of particle sizes, and are packaged from small lab/sample sizes up to bulk quantities. We can also custom process and package to meet your needs (see our Custom Processing page for more information).

Refined Borates

  • Boric Acid Technical Grade
  • Boric Acid Ph grade
  • Borax 5mol (pentahydrate)
  • Borax 10mol (decahydrate)
  • Zinc Borate
  • Anhydrous Borax
  • Boric Oxide
  • DOT (disodium octaborate tetrahydrate)

Elemental Boron Powder

  • Amorphous Boron (86% to 99%+)
  • Magnesium Coated Boron
  • Magnesium Diboride
  • Aluminum Diboride
  • Titanium Diboride
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The Rose Mill Co. Difference

  • Freshness

    Rose Mill manufactures borate powders and boric acid powder daily. This ensures that you receive the freshest, most free-flowing product available. Our bags of powdered and granular materials are produced on an “as-needed” basis. No other borate provider offers fresher products or a longer shelf-life.

  • Flexibility

    We can pulverize, package, and process borates to meet your specific needs. Whether your plant needs lighter bags for worker safety, non-standard sized bulk sacks to fit your batch size, mixed truck loads or a coarser powder, Rose Mill can quickly produce bulk boric acid products to your specifications. No other borate provider offers this range of services – Period.

  • Speed

    While others promise a response to your requests within 48 hours, Rose Mill may be able to deliver your product by then. We can also arrange a stocking and delivery program to help make your storage and manufacturing areas more efficient – even for custom processed materials.

  • Expertise

    Rose Mill has memberships in national and regional trade organizations as well as being ISO 9001:2015 certified, which allows us to participate in important industry discussions and legislation.

  • Support

    A Rose Mill representative can help your facility become more efficient. We can accompany our distributors on sales calls, and we can provide more detailed information regarding our products and services to your customer or directly manufacturing engineers.

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