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Rose Mill Company is a master distributor of borate products that can deliver cost-saving solutions to chemical distributors. We are a trusted chemical distribution services provider that offers bagging, filling, pulverizing, blending and delivers quality and great customer service.

Borates – Granular & Powder | Specialty Chemical Distributors

Borate products are supplied to chemical distributors in LTL, T/L or mixed T/L quantities; in 50 lb. bags, bulk sacks or drums. We are a borate chemical distribution company that prides itself on fast turnaround, so most items are in stock for quick delivery.

Ask your end-use customers if borates supplied in their choice of packaging, their choice of unit weight and processed to their specifications will improve their manufacturing efficiency. The answer is probably “yes!”. Providing this value-added service to your customers means that you are no longer competing strictly on price and it is an opportunity for you to provide other custom processed products.

Borates can be custom processed into fine powders, blended with other raw materials and/or packaged into bulk sacks, fiber drums or bags of any weight.

We can supply Granular & Powder forms for the following:

  • Boric acid
  • Borax 5mol
  • Borax 10mol
  • Anhydrous borax
  • Boric oxide
  • Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate (DOT)
  • Zinc borate
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Re-Bagging, De-Lumping And Chemical Distribution Services

Let Rose Mill reclaim value from lumpy products with our de-lumping service. The reconstituted material can then be packaged in bags, sacks or your choice of packaging. We can also process bulk sacks into small bags, mix dry products for your customers, or toll process/private label most mineral-based/inorganic dry products to help distributors meet the specific needs of their customers. We offer:

  • Pulverizing (particle reduction)
  • Screening (particle size separation)
  • Mixing
  • Bagging/Packaging (sacks, bags, drums, buckets, jars, pouches)
  • De-lumping (reconstitute caked material to free-flowing material)
  • Labels/Labeling

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