Heat Treating Compounds

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ThermaRose™ heat-treating compounds are made at our ISO9001:2015 certified manufacturing facility located in Connecticut. ThermaRose™ products are formulated to be effective and easy to use. They are commonly used on many forms of steel parts: tool steel, free-machining steel, hot-rolled, cold-rolled, and other grades. ThermaRose™ heat-treating compounds are used by:

  • Machine shops
  • Blacksmiths
  • Knife makers
  • Fastener manufacturers
  • Maintenance professionals
  • Tool & die shops
  • Metal fabricators
  • Contractors with heavy equipment
  • Emergency preparedness
  • and many other metalworking industries
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Rose Mill Co. Products

  • Cherry Red

    Instant Case Hardening Compound

    Imparts a tough, hard case on steel parts. No special equipment required. Does not contain cyanide! Perfect for field locations, short-run jobs, maintenance areas, heavy industry, utilities, small shops, and blacksmiths. Be prepared in an emergency situation. Survival of your equipment may depend on a quick fix!

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  • PBC

    Scale Preventing Compound

    Prevents the scaling, pitting, rust, and de-carburization that is associated with heat treated steel parts. Use our PBC compound to save the time and cost associated with post-heating clean-up, machining, and buffing. PBC is effective at temperatures up to 1650ºF.

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    Pack Carburizing Compound

    WILCARBO provides a deep, hard case on steel parts when packed around parts and placed inside of a box. Perfect for carburizing fasteners, hand tools, wear parts, and other machined and fabricated items.

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