Borax for Ceramics and Glass

Maximize your processes with Rose Mill Company’s borates for ceramics and glass industries


Rose Mill Company provides boric acid, anhydrous borax, boric oxide, and borates for ceramic, glass, borosilicate glass product manufacturers.

Borates are commonly used in traditional high-temperature glass manufacturing, such as cookware, laboratory glassware and lighting applications. Newer applications, such as TFT/LCD glass screens for televisions and hand-held devices, pharmaceutical glass and solar panels, continue to rely on the ability of borates to add thermal and mechanical stability, as well as greater chemical resistance.

Similarly, borates have been used in traditional ceramic glazes, tiles, tableware and enamel applications for many years. As with glass manufacturing, borates aid the manufacturing process of ceramic materials as well as make finished products more stable.

Rose Mill Company provides boric acid, borax 5mol/10mol, anhydrous borax and boric oxide in powder or granular form. Manufacturers can choose the particle size and packaging that works best in their process. Bulks sacks, small bags, fiber drums and gaylord boxes are available.

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