With a booming automotive industry around the world, Rose Mill has products that can make your manufacturing more efficient and save you money.

Lubricant Powders

Rose Mill Company provides molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) and tungsten disulfide (WS2) powders to be used directly as an anti-friction coating and also for use in lubricant formulations. These lubricant powders are available online in small quantities or in bulk quantities.

Metalworking Compounds

Case Hardening: Cherry Red™ case hardening compound is used to instantly case harden steel parts. It is designed to effectively case harden steel parts without the need for special heat-treating equipment (furnaces, ovens, etc.). Simply heat your part to a cherry red color, apply the Cherry Red™ compounds, re-heat and cool. Cherry Red™ is perfect for short-runs, prototypes, maintenance and limited production runs to case harden steel parts.

Anti-Scale: PBC™ anti-scale compounds prevent the pitting and scale associated with heat treating. Simply pre-heat your steel part, coat with the PBC™ powder, and continue the heat treating operation. Parts treated with PBC™ will keep a smooth, bright finish and save the expense of post-treatment machining and buffing.

Pack Hardening: WILCARBO™ provides a deep, hard case on steel parts when packed around parts and placed inside of a vented box. Perfect for fasteners, hand tools, wear parts, and other machined and fabricated items.

Flame Retardants

Rose Mill Company provides specialty borates and borate-based blends for use in automotive flame retardant applications.

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