Mining & Minerals

Rose Mill Company products are used worldwide in a variety of mining, mineral and heavy industries.


Rose Mill Company provides borate materials to many mineral-based industries, such as those that use gypsum, abrasives, lime/concrete and various metals.

Case Hardening

Mining and heavy industry maintenance (ship building, power production, oil & gas, heavy construction, etc.) often involves repairs in the field, and our Cherry Red™ case hardening compound is used worldwide. Cherry Red™ can case harden bushings, wear-plates, and other critical parts without the need for special heat treating equipment.


Our molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) and tungsten disulfide (WS2) powders can be used to reduce friction directly on machinery and wear-parts in severe industrial environments involving high temperatures, abrasiveness or extreme pressure (often when a dry coating is needed to prevent dirt/dust accumulation). Also, our #3HT high-temperature grease and #2LX grease contain a whopping 15% moly disulfide, and are perfectly formulated for extreme conditions.

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