Steel Case Hardening Compounds

Rose Mill Company provides a number of steel case hardening compounds for use in metallurgical and metalworking industries.


Borate products are used as a flux, in plating applications and in ferrous and non-ferrous metals production. We provide boric acid, borax 5mol, borax 10mol, boric oxide and anhydrous borax to industries worldwide. We can custom process these materials into the particle size and/or unit packaging that makes your processes most efficient and your products more effective.

Metalworking Compounds

Rose Mill Company manufactures a line of specialty steel case hardening compounds used by heat-treaters, iron workers, maintenance workers, machinists, knife and small arms makers, and many others that work with steel and steel parts.

Case Hardening: Cherry Red™ case hardening compound is used to instantly case harden steel parts. It is designed to effectively case harden steel parts without the need for special heat-treating equipment (furnaces, ovens, etc.). Simply heat your part to a cherry red color, apply the Cherry Red™ case hardening compound, re-heat, and cool. Cherry Red™ is perfect for short-runs, proto-types, maintenance, and limited production runs to case harden steel parts.

Anti-Scale: PBC™ anti-scale compounds prevent the pitting and scale associated with heat treating. Simply pre-heat your steel part, coat with the PBC™ powder, and continue the heat treating operation. Parts treated with PBC™ anti-scale compound will keep a smooth, bright finish and save the expense of post-treatment machining and buffing.

Pack Hardening: WILCARBO™ provides a deep, hard case on steel parts when packed around parts and placed inside of a vented box. Perfect for fasteners, hand tools, wear parts, and other machined and fabricated items.

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